Roof Shingle Colors

Select Your New GAF Timberline Roof Shingle Colors

Unsure on what roofing shingle color to select for your Houston Texas area home? If so, we totally understand. On this webpage we have listed each color that is available for our southeast Texas area. Click on each image to expand and see a larger view.

We admit that with so many roof shingle colors, this can be a difficult task. Having said that, we put together some sugestions below in what to look for when choosing a roof shingle color.

  • What is your homes brick color?
  • What is the trim color?
  • What is the siding color?
  • Select a roof shingle color that compliments

Weathered Wood

Timberline_HD_Weathered_Wood Roofing Shingle Color   This is by far the most popular roofing shingle color. Why is this? Well, it’s name says it all! It is called Weathered Wood becuase it is to simulate the color of true wood shingles. This roofing shingle color is by far the most neutral with a balance of gray and brown tones to work with any other home exterior colors.  The gray tone tends to be the more dominant color tone.


Timberline_HD_Barkwood Roofing Shingle Color   Similar to the Weathered Wood roofing shingle color with a much stronger and dominate brown base to it. Looks great with earth tone painted trim.



Mission Brown

Timberline_HD_Mission_Brown Roofing Shingle Color   This Mission Brown roofing shingle color is in between the Weather Wood and Barkwood colors.  The dominant brown is much more gentle and allows some more of the grey come through.



Timberline_HD_Charcoal Roofing Shingle Color   This Charcoal roofing shingle color is by far and away to deepest color of the bunch.  Even with the sun shinning on your roof, this shingle holds it’s deep tone and makes a bold statement.  Not exactly a black tone but a deep grey with black overtones the Charcoal roof shingle is.


Pewter Gray

Timberline_HD_Pewter_Gray Roofing Shingle Color   Not so deep as it’s Charcoal cousin, the Pewter Gray has a dominant grey color with some  black overtones. Most appealing with homes that have a white or lighter color trim and black shutters. A classic look for homeowners to enjoy.



Timberline_HD_Slate Roofing Shingle Color  Made to imitate the classic look of Slate stone tile roofs. With it’s greenish blue color, the Slate roofing shingle takes careful consideration for an appealing trim color selection.



Timberline_HD_Hickory Roofing Shingle Color  The Hickory roofing shingle color is a triur departure from the rest of the offering. With it’s dominant brown base with a strong burnt orange overtones, it can be a telling roof color from a distance.



Timberline_HD_Shakewood Roofing Shingle Color   This is by far the lightest roofing shingle of the bunch. Shakewood is best described as a light brown with even lighter tan overtones.  We recommend using a deeper trim color as lighter trim colors tends to make the roof look washed out in the hot Texas sunshine.


Hunter Green

Timberline_HD_Hunter_Green Roofing Shingle Color  Last but not least, Hunter Green offers any home the timeless look of a Green roof.  What more can we say, lean, mean and most definitely Green! Make sure that you check first with your local HOA that you can use this shingle color on your home.

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We hope that you have found this information helpful in making your roof shingle color choice. Well there you have them all! The full line of GAF Timberline roofing shingle color selection for your Houston Texas metro area home.  Thanks from all of us at, Texas EZ Pay Roofing INC.