Lifetime Warranty For Houston Homeowners

GAF Lifetime Roofing Shingle WarrantyHere at Texas EZ Pay Roofing, we proudly offer the GAF Timberline Roofing Lifetime Warranty!

Why should you have to worry with replacing your Roofing Shingles every 10 -15 years for your home in Houston Texas?  GAF Roofing offers a Lifetime Warranty on all of their shingle products! This is why we here at Texas EZ Pay Roofing exclusively offer theas lifetime roofing shingles!

The Best Roof With A Lifetime Warranty

Here in southeast Texas we reside in a subtropical climate. Due to the fact that we have such intense sun, the roofing shingles tend to get to get worn prematurely. What happens is that the roofing shingle that is asphalt based, looses its grip from holding the granules that are embedded within the asphalt.  This causes leaks and will void any warranty.

Better GAF Roofing Products Equals A Lifetime Warranty

GAF offers a better roofing shingle with better products to solve this problem. Let us start with a few key ingredients:

    1. GAF Felt Buster – GAF-felt buster roof underlaymentAdding an extra layer of protection in stopping wind driven rain from penetrating into your homes wood sheathing. This synthetic felt also allows the workers to have better traction while working on your roof. This is espivheley important on steeper roofs that are over a 5/12 pitch. This stops that workers and materials from sliding of of the roof surface. The Felt Buster will not buckle like traditional felt (tar paper) when it gets wet during installation. This is one of the many reasons that GAF offers a Lifetime Warranty when these products are installed along with their roofing shingles.


    1. GAF Pro Starter – GAF pro start starter shingle Instead of using the traditional 3 tab roofing shingle. The Pro Starter has a glue strip at the direct edge of the shingle about only 1 inch back.
      This is much better than having it 6 inches back that can often lead to the shingle flipping back. This Pro Starter also prevents blow offs during our Texas cold fronts and wind driven rain. This is a must for Texas coastal areas where hurricane force winds in cities like Houston.


    1. GAF StormGuard –  GAF StormGuardThis is a leak barrier that has a sticky tar like surface to it. This GAF StormGuard is used in all valleys that the water can collect and work its way under the roofing shingles. This roofing product is used as a backup system for redundancy in protection you home from water penetration.


  1. GAF Ridge VentGAF Ridge Vent With the GAF Cobra Ridge Vent product, you can extend the life of your roof by adding extra ventilation. This will in turn reduce the amount of trapped heat. The cooler your roof is in the hot Texas summer time, the longer your roofing shingles will last. This is yet another reason that GAF Roofing Products offers a Lifetime Warranty!

A Lifetime Roof Warranty Is The Result!

When you combine the innovative products that are offered, the end result is a lifetime roofing shingle warranty! This you can expect for Texas EZ Pay Roofing finance company proudly serving the Houston TX area!